Street Food

At BeerDock High Street we wanted to do something different with a food offering since we conceived the idea of the bar.

We wanted to install our own kitchen further down the line but we wanted to keep our customers bellies full and a smile on their faces. 

We're good at serving beer but food is a little out of our depth. So we've teamed up with some of the best street food outlets in the UK to bring you weekend Street Food. 


Below is a list of all the Street Events we currently have booked in, if it is still TBC and you want to book in with us email us at with your preferred date.
Click on the images to see more about our Vendors.
Friday 20th September - Dough Bros Pizza - Freshly Prepared Traditional Pizza
Saturday 21st September - The Curry Den - Authentic Indian Food
Friday 27th September - Dirrty Food Truck - Burger Specials
Saturday 28th September - Dirrty Food Truck - Burger Specials
Friday 4th October - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Saturday 5th October - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Friday 11th October - Dough Bros Pizza - Freshly Prepared Traditional Pizza
Saturday 12th October - TBC
Friday 18th October - Dough Bros Pizza - Freshly Prepared Traditional Pizza
Saturday 19th October - TBC
Friday 25th October - Dirrty Food Truck - Mexican Specials
Saturday 26th October - Dirrty Food Truck - Mexican Specials
Friday 1st November - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Saturday 2nd November - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Friday 8th November - TBC
Saturday 9th November - TBC
Friday 15th November - JW's HolySmoke Winter Warmer
Saturday 16th November JW's HolySmoke Winter Warmer
Friday 22nd November - TBC
Saturday 23rd November - TBC
Friday 29th November - Dirrty Food Truck - Pie Specials
Saturday 30th November - Dirrty Food Truck - Pie Specials
Friday 6th December - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Saturday 7th December - JW's HolySmoke - Smoked Kebab
Friday 13th December 13th - TBC
Saturday 14th December 14th - TBC
Friday 20th December -TBC
Saturday 21st December - TBC


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