We are always looking for new franchisee, and with a low start up package and if you are a Craft Beer lover, this may be an opportunity for you.

Our first beerdock opened with £1,800 of stock and about £500 of shopfitting 3  years ago and to date this has gone from strength to strength.

Our ideal location is a main road property with parking outside, and rental below £15,000 p.a

We have an in house property department to guide you through the leasing process, and user friendly low cost solicitors.

Depending on the shop itself, shopfitting is going to be in the order of £10,000 and opening stock is also in the order of £10,000 , and you can be on the way to selling Great Craft Beer.

The beer market in the UK is in excess of £18 billion and the Craft Beer market is about 2% of this so there is a long way to go, with 1,300 micro breweries in the UK alone.

At beerdock we have sourced and sold over 3,000 different beers and we think there could be at least 100,000 to go at world wide.

We source direct from small breweries where we can, and avoid  wholesalers that put on a huge margin, which we fell undermines the breweries brands.We sell as cheaply as we can.

We buy direct so the sales go direct to the small brewery, and supports the local economy.

If you feel that beerdock is an opportunity give us a call and we can talk you through the process and let you know the support we can offer.

Questions you want to know !

What are some of the things that you'll need to possess?

  • Beer enthusiast 
  • A Passion for Craft beer  and all things beer                                                               
  • Understanding of Business and trends in Craft beer
  • Liquid Assets of not less than £20,000 for building works fit out and stock 

What will it cost me to open a Beerdock?

It will vary by location, but typically £20,000 including the stock.

What's the target size of a Beerdock ? 

700-1000 Square Feet

How long will it take me to get my Beerdock open?

Six months.

What do I need in terms of Fit out?

As basic as possible, concrete floor, shelving, beer tables, fridges, till system and off you go !

What can I expect to turnover  ?

Now that is the 6 million dollar question, come and talk to us, the first week we opened we sold £1,172 worth of beer about 300 bottles, which we thought was great for our first week, we now sell 3-4,000 bottles a week and 40 kegs, but we need to know your commitment to Beerdock and the location that you are thinking of opening in ?

Do any need any special licence or planning ?

We will help you with your premises licence, planning if needed, Fire risk assessment, H & S compliance, building works if needed.

What do I do do next ?

Come and talk to us face to face, come and see Beerdock, get your personnel licence, we will help with the rest !

Step 1 - Come and talk to us

Step 2 - Get your personnel licence

Step 3 - Find the property

Step 5 - Get the premises Licence

Step 6 - Get the place kitted out

Step 7 - Get ready to open and stocked up

Step 8 -  Open those doors 

Step 9 - Enjoy the purchasing power and varitey of beers we supply

Step 10- enjoy being a beerdocker


To take the first step contact :-


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