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Can Craft Beer really be defined?

Next month, possibly in a secret underground bunker, but more likely in a pub, the leading lights of new wave British brewing will meet to do something that, so far, beer geeks have found impossible. They will define what craft beer is in the UK. This attempt by the new United Craft Brewers (UCB)...

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Beer snobs of the world unite

Everyone loves a local product. That could be the butcher’s on the corner, a stall that’s been running for fifty years, or a farmers’ market that brings produce direct to the many Cheshire town centres. The same applies to beer and brewers. There’s a special affection for the micro brewer,...

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Beer Dock’s Top Three Bottles

Hot on the heels of Beer Dock’s Sunday draught beer chart, here’s a snapshot of what’s tempted you guys most on the bottle front – whether that’s pale ales, cider, lager, stout or the latest craft beers from the fabulous breweries dotted all over the UK. The bottled beer market...

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