Brooklyn comes to Beerdock

It is very odd but you can't really tell where a conversation will end up, and who might just be listening. 


On a recent visit  to Edinburgh, we took in the obligatory brewdog, and worked our way back to Leith where we were staying. Out of the corner of my eye on the bus journey back I noticed a sign saying "craft"-  craft what ? It had to be craft beer didn't it?. That's how my mind works nowadays!

We got of the bus and headed to this corner building, and yes it was a craft beer bar, called "V deep". Slightly unusual, craft beer and curry, it was heaven !

Taking in the surroundings and offerings I ordered a Beavertown 7.9%, but the young lady behind the bar, pulled me up, and questioned if I should be drinking such a strong beer ?

I was a little perplexed, but trying to be ciivil, "of course" I retorted !

She continued to quizz me, asking if I had had one before? , Yes I said !!

Prove it! ...... came her answer !

How the hell do you prove that you are use to strong beer ?

I didn't know if it was agood thing or a bad thing that I could prove it !

I pulled out my phone and showed her beerdock's facebook page !

She served me, we sat down and the same barmaid introduced me to the Uk brand ambassador for Brookln Brewery.

To cut a long story short, Brooklyn brewery are coming to Beerdock, both of them on 3rd September to talk about beer, and to have a tap takeover of Brooklyn Beers, all 24 of them !

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