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Every week in Britain, there is an average of 20 pubs shutting their doors. We are obviously getting fed up of the limited styles of beers offered in our pubs  and the out dated tied house model that restricts the consumers choice of beer.... But at the same craft beer is becoming more and more popular and is steadily eating into the £18 billion beer market in the UK. This is not particular cask beer, but exciting keg beer from across  the UK.

At the same time the home-brewed beer industry is fizzing in popularity, and with new kits being released every week, the demand for this home-based activity shows no signs of going flat.

We keep hearing stories of home brewers becoming exciting craft breweries, so at Beerdock as part of our journey we are opening a home brew shop in Crewe very close to the original beer dock.

This will hopefully be in time for christmas, so keep you eyes peeled as we hope to have the largest selection of him Crewe accessories right here in crewe.

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