Crafty Curry Night at Beer Dock

You know the feeling. It’s around 6.30pm, and you haven’t mustered the energy to make anything for tea. You’re starving. It’s a work night, but you’ve got that hunger, that urge to get out and enjoy some great food – all the trims.

And yet, that full-on curry experience is a bit too much effort. Getting ready, the formal dining environment, the waiters, the tipping, the bulk-standard lager that never quite hits the spot.

Luckily, there’s Beer Dock. Really. Wednesday night is now officially curry night – but with a twist. You grab your preferred take-away en-route (there are curry houses aplenty along the Nantwich Road mile in Crewe), or place an order and have it delivered as you wait with a crafty Beer Dock real ale in hand.

Of course we stock a few more bottles and boast many more kegs and casks than your average Indian restaurant. Craft beers, cider, IPA, lagers from all corners of the globe.

Best of all? We’re pretty chilled out at Beer Dock. No formal dress code (although we’re not keen on PJs and Onesies), and it’s an easy-going bar environment. We have our fabulous upper deck with knives, forks, plates and even napkins awaiting your pleasure. There’s even a steady flow of water for the beer connoisseurs who like to cleanse their palates before they taste our crafty ales. And why not!

So kick back, chat, enjoy your own mini dinner party with the best stocked drinks cabinet in town. The on-tap experts will happily advise of beers and lagers to accompany certain curries. Think wine snobs selecting a subtle Chardonnay... no, hang on, think bearded blokes bigging up beer! Seriously, we have some awesome ale geeks available. 

Oh, and when you’re done, there’s no washing up for you to do! Perfect.

Wednesday night is curry night at Beer Dock.

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