Beer is good for you, honest!

Okay, so it’s a general statement, a bit of a headline grabber. However, you might be surprised to know that a half-pint of beer contains around 90-95 calories, while a standard glass of wine packs 140-plus calories (average figures, of course).

Now this is a website all about beer, craft ales, lagers and stouts, and I don’t know many aficionados at Beer Dock who would happily settle for a single half pint of an evening. That said, of the many wine quaffers I am acquainted with, most think nothing of polishing off a bottle over food and chat.

Beer is naturally lower in sugars, and of the raft of alcoholic drinks on the market beer contains lower calories than most. In fact, your daily frothy, milky coffee contains a lot more sugar than a pint. And don’t even mention the fat content in chocolate, compared to very little in beer. So why do we see a lot of men (yes, we’ll point the finger at blokes) with a pint in hand and a more than ample frame filling their trousers. Yes, beer bellies are very real. Unfortunately, there’s a simple correlation between quantity and calories. Couple that with too little exercise and the numbers count against you. So the message, as ever, is clear.

A little moderation, walk to Beer Dock (or cycle, jog, hop) and enjoy your craft beers and real ales sensibly.


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