Beer Dock’s Top Three Bottles

Hot on the heels of Beer Dock’s Sunday draught beer chart, here’s a snapshot of what’s tempted you guys most on the bottle front – whether that’s pale ales, cider, lager, stout or the latest craft beers from the fabulous breweries dotted all over the UK. The bottled beer market is booming here in Cheshire, and with over 3000 labels having graced our shelves over the last couple of years we think we offer one of the best selections of bottled beers in the country, let alone the county. But enough of that; you want to know which brewery is in pole position this week. So, in reverse order, here are the beauties that have demanded the attentions of our bottle openers more than others this week:

3 – CHIRON, 5.0% from the Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell.

2 – ORACLE, 4.0% from the Salopian brewery near Shrewsbury.

And… drum roll… our top-selling bottle over the last seven days…

1 – LAGERBIER HELL, 5.2% from Augustiner in Munich, Germany. The local brews couldn't muscle in this week… and our deserved winner comes from mainland Europe, and is often one of our most popular bottles. Pours clear with a light golden colouring; lovely white head. Just the right amount of sweetness as you enjoy the malty taste. The medium carbonation makes this lager-beer crisp and refreshing. Well worth a try next time you pop into Beer Dock on Nantwich Road in Crewe.

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