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Crewe’s Beer Dock sees its stock of craft beers from 4T’s Brewery in Warrington, Cheshire, fly off the shelves each day. They supply great ales, they are a local firm and they boast one of the youngest brewers in the ale industry. What’s not to like!

Stocking 4T’s fantastic range makes perfect sense to Beer Dock. We have to keep our extensive range of beers, lagers, ciders and stouts constantly topped up and, where possible, refreshed with the latest flavoursome beers. But building and maintaining great relationships with the independents dotted around Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire makes economic and environmental sense.

The 4T’s brewery (The Tavern’s Tasty Tipples) has been running since 2010 (the pub, The Tavern, also in Warrington, has been going since 1999). The business has boomed, with a standard array of real ales soon expanded to have seasonal specials and even a Rugby League range. Well, you can’t blame them, especially with Warrington Wolves flying high in the Super League.

Oh, and did you know about head brewer Jordan (Bob, don’t ask) Millington? He was thrust into 4T’s duty when owner John Wilkinson suffered an injury back in 2013. Although “Bob” was still in training, he was put in charge. And he flourished, with a little guidance from the experts in the background. Now head brewer, at nearly 23 years of age people ask whether he is the youngest in the business. Any offers?   

There have been some cracking beer labels produced at 4T’s, with Admiral, Topaz, Amarillo, Ella and Columbus all part of the 3.7% range. Otherwise…

The 4T’s Pale Ale offering (pictured with the Beer Dock growler), at 3.7%, is a genuine session beer that gives you plenty of flavour but scope to enjoy a few pints without suffering in the morning. Made with European hops (no, we’re not entering the EU debate), this tasty beer is on offer throughout the year.

Slightly stronger, the American Pale Ale (APA), 4.0%, carries a lovely bitterness but gives off spice and citrus notes through to the end.

How about something seemingly dark and moody? The 4T’s Stout, at 5.0%, actually comes in smooth and beautifully balanced. There’s a crafty combo of speciality malt to give chocolate, biscuit and slightly burnt flavours that leave you wanting more, and more!

The Warrington lads are constantly innovating, so keep nagging us here at Beer Dock. If you hear about new craft ales from 4T’s and we haven’t jumped on it already, have a word! And remember, you can always grab take-away bottled beers and order from Beer Dock online…

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