Beer Dock supports local breweries

Beer Dock in Crewe stocks thousands of bottled craft beers and lagers, but we take extra delight seeing Cheshire brewers' products on our shelves.

It makes sense. From cutting down the time spent on the road, to the simple fact that it helps to support the Cheshire economy, it's a win-win for all. 

Beer Dock customers often head for the "local" ale section. There are several shelves loaded with fantastic labels from all over the county of Cheshire, and just over the border in Staffordshire, Shropshire etc. 

We'll be featuring all our local brewers over the next few months, but to name but a few there's great craft ale from 4Ts Brewery in Warrington, Tatton Brewery in Knutsford and also Front Row Brewing in Congleton begging to be sample right now. That's just three that regularly deliver knock-out products that quite literally fly off the Beer Dock shelves. 

So there will be many more brewers covered soon, but a decent starting point will be the guys from Front Row. Pretty apt, really, what with some great rugby being played by England at the moment. And just check out that awesome front row! 

If the lads secure that Grand Slam next weekend with a win over France then we're sure you'll be celebrating with a few tasty beers. You can take out from our incredible range of bottles, but there's also the awesome "Growler" that lets you enjoy what we have on draught back home! 

So get over to Beer Dock on Nantwich Road soon and join the craft beer revolution...

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