So what is Beer Dock?

Since 2013 Beer Dock in Crewe, Cheshire, has served quality craft beers, real ale, continental lagers, stouts and ciders.

The business has done really well, thrived, and won awards. And yet some people still ask the question: what exactly is Beer Dock?

Hey, not a problem. We’re a patient bunch at the Nantwich Road shop. Good things come to those who wait. Patience really is a virtue. Like a fine batch of ale slowly fermenting, there are some things in life that should not be rushed.

The numbers walking through the door increases each week. So word is obviously spreading. I think we can safely say that Beer Dock is on the Crewe pub and bar scene.

But for those still needing a nudge, that final push to come and visit us, pick from one of several hundred bottled beers and lagers, and then sample the chilled-out vibe that Beer Dock offers… well, here you go. 

The original concept was simple: offer an incredible choice of beers, set in the charm of a micro pub, but with the ease and convenience of an off-licence. We’d like to think that those boxes can be ticked.

Beer Dock went further. You can drink here as well. Yep, we’re a pub, a bar, an oasis of ales. We installed fashionably old and creaky tables, added some draught beers, the essential fridges to offer chilled-to-perfection lagers and ciders… and voila! It really is a relaxing social environment.

However, the craft beer market - in Cheshire, Great Britain and across the world - is constantly evolving. We want to be part of that.   

That means keeping abreast of new products, importing the most unusual beers, asking our customers what they have experienced elsewhere, and staying in the loop as latest developments reach the brewing industry.

We have innovated already. Beer Dock was one of the first in the UK to design and import our own branded “Growlers” that offer craft beer fans the chance to take their favourite ales home. A growler is a glass jug that we fill from our range of draught keg and cask lines.   

Our bottled beer boutique can get rather cosy some days. So we now boast another level, yet more shabby-chic tables and benches upstairs where you can grab some space to chat with friends over a pint.

The Beer Dock environment is based on a New York experience from the 1970s, but with a modern British twist. There’s exposed brick, wooden floors and subtle lighting. Think the Old Curiosity Shop, with its shelves packed to the rafters with bottled beer sporting colourful labels from all four corners of the globe. 

So there you have it. Beer Dock is for craft beer lovers, friends, colleagues from work and anyone seeking somewhere to unwind with the most outrageously extensive, quirky and amazing bottles and draft on the planet. Okay, maybe that’s getting a tad carried away.

What we can guarantee is a great customer experience. We know our hops. Ask us a question and we’ll tell you everything we can about a beer’s taste, origin, strength and flavours. 

So go on, pop in and see us. Spread the Beer Dock love.

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